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About Palfinger Southern Africa

About Palfinger

Palfinger was founded in Austria in 1932. Since those pioneering days the product basket has expanded from primarily truck mounted cranes to include production loader cranes for timber and recycling, skip loaders, hook lifts, transportable forklifts, aerial platforms, hydraulic taillifts and container side lifters.

The Company has grown to world dominance and became world leader in truck-mounted knuckle boom cranes in 2003. Since then, maintaining over 30% of the international market share.

  • Palfinger has 35 production and assembly plants worldwide and a workforce of over 9000 people.
  • Various products are being exported to over 200 countries.
  • Palfinger has a total of more than 5000 Service outlets worldwide.

The first cranes were imported into RSA in 1983 and the product’s inherent toughness and reliability quickly made it a local favourite. Over the years Palfinger Southern Africa has grown to become the market leader in the local materials handling / transport industry. Palfinger Southern Africa is the official distributor of Palfinger Products in Southern Africa and is also the market leader in this region.

Satisfying the demand for Our products we carry stock of Cranes, Crane attachments, Hook Loaders, Skip Loaders, Forklifts and Tail Lifts and Aerial Platforms averaging between 200-300 items at our headquarters in Wadeville Johannesburg.

In the truck-loading crane market PALFINGER is the undisputed technology leader and with its comprehensive range of different lifting equipment, PALFINGER faces the growing challenges of the transport and logistics market.
We at PALFINGER Southern Africa see our people and ourselves as a learning company where age is no object. A corporate goal and indeed a requirement for the company to maintain its leading position in the global marketplace is sound training and human resource development. Well-trained employees are skilled, motivated and have fun doing their job thus guaranteeing an excellent service for our customers.
PALFINGER Southern Africa has therefore been attaching great importance to professionally run courses for years in order to train employees and customers in all product areas to become technically competent specialists.
For customers and dealers, the service delivery along with product quality, is the decisive competitive factor. PALFINGER Southern Africa is meeting this challenge by offering excellent quality products with good availability and aftersales service to match.

Palfinger Southern Africa boasts with 29 Dealers and service centers throughout the Sub-Saharan Africa. Dividing them into 20 Dealers and service centers in South Africa and 9 Dealers and Service centers situated in Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Namibia and Swaziland.

About Mudzi Palfinger

Mudzi Palfinger is a joint venture between Palfinger Southern Africa and MDZ Holdings established in 2013. The joint venture was created to package an end to end fleet solution, specifically for heavy commercial vehicles and material handling equipment. The Mudzi Palfinger joint venture is majority black owned and is a level 2- B-BBEE contributor.

"You give us a chassis, we give you a truck"

The Brand Essence

Lifetime Excellance is our promise. Our central message. The core of our brand. For our customers, it means uncompromising top performance. The most economical, reliable and innovative lifting solutions in a global network of professional service partners – for the lifetime of the product. Professionals need product solutions with excellent lifecycle performance. High resale value, shorter downtime and durable components result in outstanding cost balance – decisive reasons for our customers to invest in PALFINGER products. They know that, along with excellent performance, they are getting the most cost-effective and economical product solutions in the long term.

The Brand Values

Palfinger products offer an outstanding price-performance ratio. High productivity, ease of use, a close-knit service network as well as high resale value more than pay for the investment in a Palfinger product over the period of its use.
Premium quality and strength of the products, durable components and outstanding workmanship, dependable worldwide service as well as the company’s stability and strength make Palfinger a reliable partner for professionals.
We are committed to leadership in innovation. In the past, trailblazing developments have revolutionised products and, in future, intelligent system solutions and unique functionality from Palfinger will also shape the industry and new product development.

Further information is available in our Lifetime Excellence Video.