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Telescopic aerial platforms provided in KIT form, with working heights ranging from 9 to 11 m, installable on a number of commercial vehicles available on the market, thereby meeting the needs of customers all round the world . These kits offer all the features that make the platforms manufactured by PALFINGER special, which means they are ERGONOMIC, COMPACT, EASY TO USE, SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN, SAFE and VERSATILE DURING OVERHEAD work, and - last but not least - they offer PALFINGER QUALITY.



  •   Maximum Working Height: - 11.00m
  •   Maximum Lateral Outreach: - 6.8m
  •   Basket Maximum Load Capacity: - 250kg
  •   Basket Dimensions: - 1.4x0.7x1.1m
  •   Controls: - Hydraulic
  •   Column Rotation: - 360˚
  •   KIT Weight: - 540 KG

P120T KIT Truck-mounted aerial platform (minimum GVW: 3.5 tonnes) featuring extremely small overall dimensions. Designed for use in tight spaces like those found in town and city centres. Also ideal for jobs that can be carried out quickly and safely while parked on the road.

Due to its ease of use, this aerial platform is supplied in kit form so it can be installed on a number of truck models available on the market, thereby meeting the needs of customers all round the world.

ERGONOMIC, COMPACT, EASY TO USE, SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN (thanks to its fully hydraulic operation), SAFE, and – not least – PALFINGER QUALITY all describe both the P110T and all the aerial platforms manufactured by PALFINGER.


Palfinger Platforms Italy, a market leader in lifting solutions, specializes in the design, manufacture, marketing and after-sales support of telescopic aerial platforms. These range up to 28mt of working height, while maintaining a small footprint.

Our telescopic aerial platforms are installed on trucks, to ensure ease and convenience of use.

Telescopic aerial platforms from Palfinger, well known for using the best quality materials and the precision engineering of their products, are the best solutions on the market for operating directly from the roadway, thanks to the characteristics that distinguish them: small footprint, speed, performance and operational safety.

Find out about all the products in our range of efficient and highly reliable telescopic aerial platforms from Palfinger. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our products and customised quotes. Thanks to the Palfinger Group’s extensive and worldwide distribution network, we can provide a quick and on-time delivery to any part of the world.



  •   Maximum Working Height: - 13.50m
  •   Maximum Lateral Outreach: - 8.4m
  •   Basket Maximum Load Capacity: - 230kg
  •   Basket Dimensions: - 1.4x0.7x1.1m
  •   Controls: - Hydraulic
  •   BASKET ROTATION: - 90˚ + 90˚
  •   Column Rotation: - 370˚
  •   KIT Weight: - 860 KG

P140T Truck-mounted telescopic aerial platform (3.5 tons) that offers great versatility in terms of height and quick action directly from the roadbed. It is small and smart, ideal for work in urban spaces.

The maximum working height is 13.5 m and the machine, thanks to its compactness and reduced stabilisation area, has a high-performing working outreach with 200 kg in the basket, over the entire work area. Rotating basket 90°+90°. Equipped with a great number of standard features, and manufactured with great attention to details and finishes.

ERGONOMIC, COMPACT, EASY TO USE, SIMPLE TO MAINTAIN thanks to its fully hydraulic operation; SAFETY and VERSATILITY DURING OVERHEAD work and PALFINGER QUALITY distinguish the P140T platform and all the aerial platforms of PALFINGER, created to meet and satisfy the needs of our customers. The platform is available also in kit version.