Lifting solutions for Africa




Technical Data

  •   Lifting Capacity - 35 000 kg or 40 000kg
  •   Single Stacking or Double stacking
  •   PTO driven or filled with auxiliary diesel motor
  •   Locally produced trailers and running gear

"The name SWINGLIFT refers to our brand, however like all good inventions the name has become generic and today other container side loader manufactures also refer to their side loaders; side lifters; container lifters; and swinglifters as “Swinglifts."

Discerning operators who look for a container side loader with the most stability while loading heavy containers with ease and speed, from either trucks or trailers or rail wagons inevitably choose a Swinglift. High stability and superior design features give Swinglift fast and safe operation even under difficult conditions.

The ideal sideloader to increase the productivity of any business whether they be large container carrying organization or an owner operator with only one Swinglift.

Swinglifts effectively bring the wharf or the rail siding into every shipper’s premises.